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Elevate Your Well-being with
Mot Mot Mind Planner

Join us on our exciting journey to make well-being accessible to all through our  Well-being Planner. We're are launching on Tuesday 21 Nov 2023. Check out the project here 

Mot Mot Mind Kickstarter Launch


What you'll gain from our Well-Being Planner


Clarity and Focus

The planner provides a structured framework to prioritize and organize daily tasks, helping users gain clarity and focus on what truly matters empowering people to become superheroes through their well-being journey.

Consistently using the planner for three months can lead to noticeable improvements in twelve key domains of mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Improved Well-Being
Across Twelve Domains


Our planner incorporates mindful living and self-care practices into everyday routines. Through prompts and gratitude exercises, users can cultivate a greater sense of being present, nurturing their well-being garden.


Mindfulness and

Mindfulness and Self-Care
What people are saying

I like that the planner brings together well-being and planning- I personally haven’t tried anything that lets me document anything health or habits related. I plan on using it to bring my thoughts together, I tend to get overwhelmed when I have too many plans to get to or when it’s time to pay bills but I have no idea how much I have been spending/savings. It would be good to start planning that and I like that the activities on the side would help me slow down and think about things at ease.

Mask group (6).png

Payal N.
Data Analyst

I absolutely loved the balance in the structure provided—it was just right, not too rigid. The prompts were incredibly helpful, and I enjoyed the freedom to express myself no matter how I felt. The consistent use of 'we' felt like a warm encouragement, making the entire process feel genuinely meaningful. The emotion check-ins were a game-changer for me. Writing out my feelings can get overwhelming, but these moments allowed me to re-center, collect my thoughts, and truly appreciate the journey!

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Maryanne A.
Happy (Early Access) Customer

Planner Highlights

Structured Layout

Undated Planner for a 100-Day Journey 13 Weeks of Progress, Every Week with a Weekend Recap


Project Your Goals

Plan Your Dream Project with our DOHO model


Dream and Achieve

Craft Your 100-Day Bucket List


Well-Being, Wallet-Friendly

Prioritize Well-Being Without Breaking the Bank

Key Features


Boost Personal Development


Balance Life Effectively


Manage Finance Wisely


Monitor Physical Health


Track Your Feelings


Build a


Why Choose Mot Mot Mind?

Innovative Approach Backed with Research

At Mot Mot Mind, we don't just aim for surface-level improvements. Our well-being planner is rooted in extensive research and evidence-based practices from Positive psychology.


Efficiency Without Compromise

We believe that well-being shouldn't be time-consuming. Our un-dated well-being planner is designed to be efficient and seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.


Engaging and Fun

Well-being should be enjoyable, not a chore. With Mot Mot Mind, you'll discover a planner that keeps you engaged and motivated every step of the way.

Elevate Well-being through our domains:

Our planner takes a structured approach to well-being by categorizing the 12 domains into 6 key areas, making it easier for you to focus and plan effectively

Domains colour-01.png

Happiness & Gratitude

Happiness: Find joy and fulfillment in daily life.

Gratitude: Foster a positive and thankful mindset.

Domain colour.png

Knowledge & Creativity

Domains colour-04.png

Love & Relationships

Knowledge: Expand your understanding and wisdom.

Creativity: Nurture your artistic and innovative side.

Love: Cultivate deeper connections with loved ones.

Relationships: Foster a positive and thankful mindset.

Domains colour-03.png

Health & Fitness

Domains colour-05.png

Mindfulness & Purpose

Domains colour-06.png

Experience & Delight


Health: Prioritize physical and mental well-being.

Fitness: Stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mindfulness: Develop inner peace and presence.

Purpose: Define your life's mission and direction.

Experience: Seek new adventures and broaden horizons.

Delight: Infuse delight and joy into everyday experiences.

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